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Zaarrianism in Multiversalism

In the era of AI, a century to come, lawyers shall be hackers and Judges shall be made from the gradings of the Mhats. There shall be those hackers living to destroy, retard, orundermind  humanity- in the name of negative intelligence or causality;. at the same time, there shall be  those hackers living or dying to protect, preserve, and prevent the being, system, or humanity from negative causality or intelligence.


While the former shall be referred to as the Inferior Negative Intelligence or Causality Hackers (INICH), the latter shall be referred to as the Superior Positive Intelligence or Causality Hackers (SPICH).

As in a court of law seeking reparation, justice, or arbitration, and depending on the case and circumstance, the plaintiffs or defender shall have at their disposition two groups of AI arbitration lawyers (hackers) – INICH or SPICH.


The moderation or balancing category of these two extremes of lawyers or hackers shall be the AI Moderatorationists – hacker sversed in AI and its negative capabilities, and always seeking the balancing causal intelligence of both positive and negative AI intelligence. We shall call this group of lawyers (hackers) the mhackers (moderationist hackers). A judge must at least be an mhacker.


In the era of data manipulation, there shall be data farms, data farmers, data harvesters, data miners, data collectors, data marketers, data hackers, and data untouchables. Each human being, system, or organ shall fall within this spectrum, specification of quantitative or qualitative categorization of big data migration, distribution, or continuum.



The most precious metal or treasure in the AI era shall be data. And the most respectable beings, systems, institutions, or organizations, shall be the preservers, protectors, and exponetiators of positive intelligence (or causality) data from the most inferior elements of the AI era.


The goal of the most inferior elements of the AI era shall use data for negative intelligence (or causality) as well as for inferior dispositions, or the degradation of humanity


In the AI era, some shall be called: cyberfarms, cyber famers, cyber harvesters, cyber miners, cyber collectors,cybermarketers, cyber hackminds, cyber hackminders,cyber untouchables, cyber protectors, cyber preservers, cyber preventers, cyber ignorance, cyber intelligence, cyber overseers, or cyber victims.


In the AI era, the counter to AI shall be Enlightened Intelligence (EI). The former shall depend on the latter, not the contrary. AI system shall be in an AI apocalyptic state if and when AI rules over EI or leads at the expense of EI.


Such an AI failed system, state, or being shall create an uncontrollable mutational algorithms in such an artificial intelligence (beyond human intelligence, understanding or control). EI is the only way out for humanity in curbing the unknowns of AI.

EI shall be the Mhats. This shall be those with Multiversal Intelligence or keepers of the Multversal Order. The Mhats are the makers of AI. Mhats have the intelligence of all the variables, variations, mutations, exponential differentiations, or unforeseeable unknowns of the AI algorithms. They shall use the Multiversal Computer system – an ocean of Multiversal Mathematical Algorithms  within which lies the most exponential mutational possibilities of an AI.


Like the US Supreme Court over the American system of laws, when the world dreads over An AI go wrong, the Mhats are the Holy Nerdsof AI Algorithms System (HNAIS).


They know what the AI knows, and are always a trillion intelligence cells above the AI.